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Some of our annual events to look forward to are:

  • Valentine’s Day Feb 14
  • Special giveaways from Feb 14 to Easter
  • Easter promotions ( Happy Easter Cheese Hour)
  • May Child’s month
  • Father’s Day
  • Summer holiday jobs for students
  • Back to school giveaways in August
  • Preparations for Christmas festivity
  • Lots of special and most of the basic products
  • Children’s treat and gospel concert


Intown Super Centre Official Opening Ceremony - 10 November 2016

Increased security ‘InTown’


ST Elizabeth’s leading supermarket chain, Intown Super Save, has beefed up security at its new Santa Cruz branch, Intown Super Centre, to reassure shoppers and employees over the busy christmas Season.

Managing Director of InTown Super Centre Oral Lloyd noted that crime has become a real problem in Santa Cruz, with several robberies and murders taking place in the town.

“It has become quite a scary scenario for business operators and our customers. We are aware of the concerns our customers have about the situation and have taken steps to address them,” he said. “We want to reassure our customers that we are committed to their safety on the premises, hence the extra security measures that we have put in place both inside and outside the store,” Lioyd said.

The measures put in place include additional CCTV monitoring, and improved the security presence on the grounds which has been significantly beefed up so enhancing the generally secure atmosphere of the location as the supermarket is situated on a completely fenced property, Lloyd said.




In the past we have given away cars, vans, multitude of applicants, thousands of gift baskets, weekly giveaways in a promotion entitled “A little goes a far way”.           

We offer Discounts to civil servants, senior citizens, $20 coupons for the public. 
There is something for everyone.


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