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    Welcome to Intown Super Save Supermarkets

    Home of the Food Budget Plan

    Intown Super Save Supermarkets is the dream of Oral Lloyd which became a reality in 1997. A home boy with a dream and a vision to assist with the development of his home town has seen growth and expansion in that Intown Black River was opened in ….and Intown Mandeville in …… There will be Intown in Santa Cruz hopefully by Summer 2016.

    The first branch which is the head office is in Junction, St Elizabeth, conveniently located on Market Street in the heart of the arguably one of the fastest growing towns in Jamaica. This location boasts a supermarket, a wholesale and a cambio.

    Junction, St Elizabeth is the hub of activities for what is known as Jamaica’s bread basket community. The town serves a host of communities such as Bull Savannah, Top Hill, Lititz, Nain, Southfield, Malvern and Alligator Pond. These communities are the proud producers of the island’s best crop of vegetables, inter alia, tomatoes, escallion, melon, thyme, carrots, cabbage and lettuce.

    The chain of Intown Supermarkets is the only supermarket in Southern Jamaica that’s hosts a Deli. In an effort to be innovative and provide the supermarket chain with a modern flair it was necessary to offer the customers something new and refreshing. The daily menu consists of a variety of sumptuous dishes, desserts and juices that keep the customers coming back.

    Come visit and see!

    Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz is the defacto capitol of St Elizabeth. This is our newest location. We are on main street in Santa Cruz, almost opposite to Scotia Bank and next to the market.

    Intown Super Centre is the premier shopping location in Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz store includes a supermarket, wholesale, bakery and deli.



    The Junction branch of Intown supermarket is the premier supermarket in Junction and boasts not just a supermarket but also a wholesale, deli and cambio.


    The Mandeviile branch is located at 11A Ward Avenue, Mandeville in Manchester, in central Jamaica.  This store operates as a supermarket and wholesale.

    Black River

    This is full service location with Supermarket, Wholesale, Deli and Cambio. Here customers can make it a one stop shop for all their shopping needs in one of the most sophisticate retail environment on Jamaica’s South Coast. This location serves a wide radius of communities including, Whitehouse in Westmoreland, Middle Quarters, Treasure Beach, Brompton, Luana, and Pedro Plains.


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