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Not your only choice, but the best choice for all your foreign currencies.

OL Intown Money Exchange Limited (IMEX) was opened on the 12th of March 2001 in Junction and the Black River branch opened on the 7th of May 2007.

OL Intown Money Exchange Limited (IMEX) motto is “not your only choice but your best choice”. We offer a wide variety of services to our valued customers. These include money grams (money fast money safe, money gram), bill express (bill payments place from grace), Cambio service where we trade foreign currencies such as USD, GBP, CAD, EURO and CI. We manage three of the best supermarkets, wholesales and cambios in Jamaica.


1 Market street
St Elizabeth
(876) 965-8784
(876) 965-8608
Fax (876) 965-8661

11A ward Avenue,
Fax (876) 961-1545

Black River

2 School Street
Black River,
St Elizabeth
(876) 634-0077
(876) 634-0219


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